Commercial Sky King & Leisure Falcon Parasails

The chutes we build are all manufactured from the same high quality USA made raw goods and materials for both the leisure (recreational) and commercial user. The method of manufacturing and the design is the same for both Sky King and Falcon. The difference between the two brands of chutes is the size and features. The leisure user will choose between 24’, 26’ and 28’ Falcon series of chutes. To fly larger chutes leisurely would be unsafe. The commercial winch boat operator will choose from 21’ – 39’ Sky King chutes with features that only the commercial user will want or need. These features are either unnecessary or unsafe for the leisure user.

Standard features on all chutes are: all vents are internally reinforced with ½ taping to add extra strength and prevent or minimize tears if dunked in the water; all “D” rings are stainless steel (saltwater ready); all lines are wrapped and sewn where they route through the risers to prevent separating; all yokes are triple or quadruple reinforced particularly at anticipated wear points; all stainless steel rings are internally reinforced in the nylon webbing with extra “seat belt style” webbing to prevent chafing of load bearing webbing; trim zippers are added to trim the chute if it becomes necessary; and all risers are about 1” thick of reinforced webbing and have been destructively tested to withstand at least 8,000 lbs. of opposing pressure.

Standard additional Sky King commercial features include all leisure features plus: color identified lines at 12:00 (top of the chute) for easy identity to grab for inflation; color identified (port... red and starboard... green) risers and line tabs at 12:00 and 6:00 on the chute, inflation strap, 4 center lines on chutes larger than 32’, two large adjustable wind zippers at 5:00 and 7:00 to release air if the wind picks up and upon request, double “D” rings to fly a small person on the yoke. We will be glad to explain more, so feel free to call anytime.

Also, the commercial Sky King chutes are sold individually with no accessories and Falcon leisure chutes are sold in packages. The Falcon leisure package includes the chute, 300’ of towline, deluxe padded body harness, instruction manual and tote bag. It all folds up and fits in a small duffle bag sized storage bag. The whole package weighs about 25 - 35 lbs. Leisure users can also add accessories like extra body harnesses, more tow rope, quick releases, parasail launchers, tow bridles, windmeters, etc. We have stock colors on the shelf ready to sell in our Falcon and Sky King range, but if any of these colors don’t excite you, we will be glad to let you design your colors and build to your spec.

Download More Information Here: Product Brochure | Product Specs & Info Guide | "Color Your Own Chute" Diagram | Chute Measurement Diagram | Trimming Instructions | Parasail Instruction Manual | True Cost of a Chute | D-Ring Hardware Selection

Custom Colors, Logos and Lettering

We build every chute we sell in our shop so we have the ability to do very complex logos, “spectaculars”, to very simple lettering or phone numbers for commercial operators or those private individuals who want to “get their advertising off the ground” and put their company name, phone number and logo on chute for publicity. With our custom design services, ALL logos and lettering are hand cut and sewn into your chute so they will last the life of the chute. They can either be a permanent part of the chute or we can plan for removal later, your choice. If you are a recreational user and you own your own business, let your business work for you. Put your business name, logo and phone number on the back and be seen all over the water! It's a “mobile billboard” and a “write-off” for advertising (and you can probably write a portion of the boat off as well!).

For the commercial operator, our custom design service it is a great way to let your customers know your business name and what number to call to fly. Also, many of our commercial operators offset the equipment costs buy receiving sponsorships from local businesses to fly a chute with their name logo on it to advertise their business! All logos and lettering are visible from the beach as they are quite large and are set to fill the available area. Please call for your custom chute quote today.

More Parasail Information

Parasail Designer

Have a vision in your head that you want to see come to life on the screen? Now you can color your very own personalized parasail! Play with a variety of colors, choose which panels to apply them to, and once you're happy with your design, submit it directly to us or print it out.

parasail designer


Warning and disclaimer: These parasails are not to be used over land operation and should not be tethered (attached to a fixed object with sufficient wind speed to keep them aloft). Always use the gear in accordance to the manual instructions to minimize danger of injury or death. Failure to do so can result in injury or death. The manufacturer sells all gear “as is” with no express warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and with any and all faults. Use at your own risk. There are no warranties expressed or implied. Leisure users never fly in winds above 15 MPH….commercial winch boat users never fly in winds deemed unsafe by the Captain.