Sky King Parasails

The Sky King series of parasails is unique to Sport Chutes and is made from our premium 1.9 oz. “Diamond Ripstop”, 1.3 oz. “Aerostar Ripstop”, or 1.9 oz. “Balloon Ripstop”. This series was designed with the commercial operator in mind or for the discerning leisure user who wants the best of everything. We offer a full range of sizes covering all of the commercial operators equipment needs from 21’ to 40’. No matter what size is selected all of our chutes have a “high lift” design and are made of the highest quality materials available with a long history of performance.

To offer the user a choice, Sport Chutes manufactures Sky King chutes in two different weights of fabrics, the 1.9 oz. “Heavy Diamond” and “Balloon” and the 1.3 oz. “Aerostar”. Every chute in the Sky King series can be made from either weight ripstop, depending on the personal preference of the user. Normally we recommend the “Aerostar” for chutes over 32' as they are easier to inflate and fly and have higher lift for lower winds. We can build the larger chutes from the 1.9 oz. “Diamond Ripstop” and “Balloon Ripstop” but it will be significantly harder to launch behind the winch boat, especially on light wind days. For many winch boat operators, this does not make a difference and they prefer the durability and increased life the 1.9 oz. brings. All commercial operators appreciate the increased fuel cost savings the 1.3 oz. delivers. A lower boat speed is required to keep the larger, lighter weight chutes flying, particularly when flying multiple passengers in low winds.

The 1.9 oz. “Diamond Ripstop” has a totally new look and feel and is only available in parasails from Sport Chutes. The “Diamond Ripstop” mill will only sell to Sport Chutes because of Sport Chutes strength in the marketplace and longstanding great reputation. “Diamond Ripstop” is a performance textile; one designed with flight in mind. It is not generic, ripstop which is commonly available to anyone making parasails, beach bags, covers, or many other various and sundry items. “Diamond Ripstop” is made to fly and was designed to give air sport items more strength, life, durability and dependability.

Because of its unique finish, it is noticeably different in your hands. It has a “diamond” shaped grid pattern as opposed the usual “graph paper” square pattern in traditional ripstop. It is high tenacity and low stretch so it won't lose its color or shape with age and is more stable in recovering flyers onto the deck of the winch boat. It also has beautiful sheen and is extremely colorfast so color fade and bleed over time are at a minimum. Some very nice and unique hues are also available. Further, it is significantly stronger and more rip resistant than “Balloon Ripstop”. This makes “Diamond Ripstop” the strongest ripstop in its weight class. This means more life/longevity and less chance of ripping and repairs. All “Diamond Ripstop” has a Ultra-violet (UV) inhibitor to help protect from degradation resulting from continuous exposure to the sun.

The 1.3 oz. “Aerostar” is also a premium fabric designed with air sports in mind. Don't let its weight fool you as it is INCREDIBLY strong. It is the strongest, lightest weight ripstop on the market today. When extra lift or fuel savings are needed, think of 1.3oz. “Aerostar” as even very large chutes inflate and fly easily. The colors are somewhat iridescent and the look and feel of the fabric is unique. Like the “Diamond Ripstop”, “Aerostar” has a many unique and beautiful hues to choose from. “Aerostar” also has a Ultra-violet (UV) inhibitor to protect it from the sun and it is applied with either silicone or urethane. “Aerostar” is quite slippery to the touch and is noticeably light feeling when rubbed between the fingers. The strength of “Aerostar” makes it extremely puncture and tear resistant.

The Sky King series offers three sizes to the leisure user (24', 26' and 28') and many different sizes for the commercial operator's various needs in winch boat operation (21', 24/25', 26', 27’ 28', 30', 31’, 32', 34', 35’, 36', 38', 39’ and 40'). Please give us a call and we will be glad to help you ascertain your needs and make an appropriate recommendation of size to suit your needs.

All Sky King chutes are made to withstand the demands of the commercial environment and are reinforced at wear points. All lines are low stretch and heavy duty for extra strength and durability. For the commercial operator trim zippers are standard on all chutes. Large adjustable wind zippers to address changing winds and double “D” rings on the yoke are optional add-ons for commercial users. The yoke and risers are at least triple reinforced for long life and is a standard feature on every Sky King chute. All lines are sewn shut and wrapped for extra strength and durability where they connect to the risers. This prevents splitting with use. Most of the large chutes (32’ and above) have quadruple center (“apex”) lines for extra security.

We also offer Sky King chutes made from 1.9 oz. “Balloon ripstop” as this has been a standard offering of the industry for many decades. “Balloon ripstop” is designed for the more budget minded. A variety of hues are offered, primarily primary colors, and all of these have an Ultra –violet (UV) inhibitor to protect it from the sun’s rays.

Every Sky King chute can be custom-made to meet the specific requirements of every commercial operator. All Sky King chutes can be custom colored and logos, phone numbers or lettering can be added for an extra charge. Please call for your custom quote.

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Have a vision in your head that you want to see come to life on the screen? Now you can color your very own personalized parasail! Play with a variety of colors, choose which panels to apply them to, and once you're happy with your design, submit it directly to us or print it out.

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Warning and disclaimer: These parasails are not to be used over land operation and should not be tethered (attached to a fixed object with sufficient wind speed to keep them aloft). Always use the gear in accordance to the manual instructions to minimize danger of injury or death. Failure to do so can result in injury or death. The manufacturer sells all gear “as is” with no express warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and with any and all faults. Use at your own risk. There are no warranties expressed or implied. Leisure users never fly in winds above 15 MPH….commercial winch boat users never fly in winds deemed unsafe by the Captain.