Parasails Questions

  1. Can I take off in the water, or on Skis?
    No. You must have a clear beach area to take off from. However, most commercial operations worldwide now use a winchboat to launch and retrieve the flyers.
  2. Can I pull this in a field with a jeep?
    No. A parasail should never be pulled over land, it is too dangerous.
  3. I know I have enough horsepower, can I pull a chute with my Jetski?
    No, Jet Skis or Waverunners are not designed to tow parasails and this would be too dangerous.
  4. Do you need a license to pull a parasail?
    No, not for recreational use. However commercial operators need at least a “Six Pack” U.S. Coast Guard license to take out 6 paying passengers or less on a navigable waterway. Taking out more than 6 paying passengers requires another type of U.S. Coast Guard license.
  5. Can I pull my child up in a parasail?
    Yes, as long as they weigh a minimum of 90lbs. If they weigh less they will need to fly with a adult.
  6. I have a old jump chute, can I convert it to a parasail?
    No, Jump Chutes are totally different from parasails. Jump chutes are designed to descend, parasails are designed to ascend. It would be very dangerous to try to use a Jump Chute for parasailing.
  7. What kind of boat do I need to pull a parasail for recreational use?
    Any average recreational tow boat should be able to pull one. If you have additional questions please call for advice.
  8. What kind of horsepower do I need to pull one?
    Generally any ski boat which can pull two skiers can tow a parasail. If in doubt, please call for additional consultation.
  9. Do I need to wear a lifejacket?
    Yes, absolutely. You must always use a U.S. Coast Guard approved Personal Flotation Device (PFD) when parasailing. Always put the parasail harness on first and fit snugly; then put the life jacket on over the harness.
  10. Can I add a winch to my ski boat so I can launch and retrieve the flyers from my boat like the commercial operators do?
    No, absolutely not as this would be very dangerous for many reasons. Pleasure boats have no launch platform and no room to install a winch below deck. This will not work and is highly not advised to attempt.

Inflatable Questions

  1. That thing is bigger than my boat! Where could I possibly store it?
    With the easy twist valves the unit quickly deflates and easily rolls and fits in the supplied tote bag and is usually stored in the ski compartment. It generally reduces down to the size of a suitcase.
  2. How much fun is the watersled?
    If you have ever ridden a bucking bronco or wanted to then you will know how it feels. The bananas have a tremendous bounce. You feel every wave you hit, so hold on to your boots because you are definitely in for a wild ride!
  3. If I don't want to deflate the watersled, where do I put it when we are on our boat but not using it?
    Just pull the towline up and tie it off about 5 to 10ft behind you boat and pull it behind you.
  4. Can I store the unit inflated?
    Yes, just try to keep it out of extreme temperatures and out of direct sunlight. We feel the unit is most easily stored deflated though.
  5. The banana is so big I do not think my boat can pull it. What size boat do you need?
    Just about any boat or watercraft can pull it, from a Jon boat to a Jet Ski. The banana sits on top of the water and is already on plane. Just pile everybody on and go. We have commercial operators that pull a fully loaded 10 seat side by side with a watercraft.
  6. What happens if I puncture it? Do I have to throw it away or send it somewhere?
    No, all of our units are repairable. The great thing about our units is that they are constructed of rubber or PVC with a cold glue process. This means that you can fix just about any repair yourself if you wanted to. All you need is glue sand paper and just a little elbow grease. You just clean the area, sandpaper it, wipe it off again, apply glue to your patch and to where you are patching, put the patch on, rub it with pressure, let it sit for 24hrs and you are ready to go. If for some reason you don't have the time or do not think you can do it, there are several authorized repair stations you can send it to. Contact us for further instruction or repair station location near you.
  7. Is there an age limit for riders on the banana?
    No not really. Anyone that can wear a life jacket and hold on can ride, from the very young to the very old. It is up to the driver to make the ride tame or challenging!
  8. Is there a speed limit on towing the watersled?
    Yes, definitely. They are not designed to be towed faster than 15 MPH because of concern for rider safety. Pulling the unit faster could cause serious injury or even possible death to the riders.