Inflatable Accessories

Inflatable Repair Glue

Glue to repair the watersleds and beach floats is not generic. Only the special glue we supply is chemically formulated for each inflatable we sell. If unapproved glue is used, the repair will not hold and other types of glue can damage or permanently ruin the inflatable, not to mention drive you crazy and waste your time as they do not work. When ordering glue, please specify EPDM rubber or PVC glue. The glue has a re-sealable lid for extended storage and numerous repairs. Instructions are included to aid you in patching and making other repairs and our sales associates are always available by phone for additional coaching. Please adhere to the instructions provided as repairs can be tricky and will not hold unless done properly.

Magic Air Inflator/Deflator

The Magic Air inflators/deflators are an excellent accessory to have. These pumps can air up the largest inflatables in no time, and are also great for deflating the units at the end of the day. These are available in either AC or DC. We also offer the heavyweight inflator for rapid inflation/deflation. This is most widely used by the commercial marketplace.

Foot Pump

Big bellows foot pump with inflate/deflate mode. Hose removes and easily attaches to inflate or deflate. The pump includes several different nozzles to inflate/deflate most all inflatable toys; will inflate any of our inflatables fully.

Towline for Inflatables

Towline: ½ inch, three strand twisted yellow tow rope attaches boat to built-in tow bridle on unit. Make sure this is attached with bowline knot only. This towline floats, is bright yellow for added visibility and is stronger than conventional ski towline. Ski towline is not recommended to tow watersleds due to insufficient break strengths. Towline is available in 60-75ft. lengths.

Tow Bridle for Inflatables

For use with the parasail or the inflatables. The tow bridle is a webbed polypropylene strap with stainless steel rings and attaches the boat to the towline. Make sure this is attached with a bowline knot when tying the rope onto the tow bridle. This tow bridle floats and is stronger than a conventional ski tow bridle. Ski tow bridles are not recommended due to insufficient break strengths. Boats with outboard motors must purchase this tow bridle to be able to fly the chute as the tow bridle attaches to each side of the transom (goes around the engine) and pulls equally from each side. Not for commercial use.

Life Vest

USCG approved 3-buckle nylon shell with insulate fill. Life Jackets are available in several sizes, child, small, medium, large, x large, xx large. Always use life jacket while parasailing or water sledding. Parasail harness should be fitted snuggly first with life jacket over harness.


We offer replacement watersled, “banana boat” valves in several varieties:

  • Military twist valves that screw in which are either white or blue
  • Grey valve with twist cap
  • Halkey-Roberts spring loaded valves

Please be sure to specify which type of watersled, “banana boat” valve you are looking for when ordering.