Commercial & Leisure Parasails

We build every chute we sell in our shop so we have the ability to do very complex logos, “spectaculars”, to very simple lettering or phone numbers for commercial operators.

With our custom design services, ALL logos and lettering are hand cut and sewn into your chute so they will last the life of the chute. They can either be a permanent part of the chute or we can plan for removal later, your choice. If you are a recreational user and you own your own business, let you business work for you. Put your business name and number on the back and be seen all over the water! It's a “mobile billboard” and a “write-off” for advertising.

For the commercial operator, our custom design service it is a great way to offset the equipment costs buy receiving sponsorships from local businesses to fly a chute with their logo on it! As you can see the logo's and lettering are visible from miles away as they are quite large. Please call for your custom chute today.

Commercial chutes are sold with no accessories and leisure chutes are sold in packages. The leisure package includes the chute, 300’ of towline, deluxe padded body harness, instruction manual and tote bag. It all folds up and fits in a small duffle bag sized storage bag. The whole package weighs about 25 - 35 lbs.

Download More Information Here: Product Brochure | Product Specs & Info Guide | "Color Your Own Chute" Diagram

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