Inflatable Watersleds & Beach Floats

Inflatable water sleds are leisure and commercial towables designed to be towed by a boat. Sport Chutes offers a variety of products at different price points to allow the customer a choice.

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Shark Inflatable Watersleds

Sport Chutes has been designing and manufacturing inflatable watersleds since the early 80’s. We started the watersled craze and introduced the idea of “Big Banana” rides to the commercial watersport operators. We showed watersports operators how to make money through selling rides as a compliment to the parasailing. Our designs are a product of the unit being used in extreme rental situations in very UV intense climates for more than two decades. All of the features of these units incorporate research and development findings in very rigorous commercial environments. Our units are the most copied in the world and range in size from 3 seats to 12 seats in a row or side by side or shuttle design. They all have many useful features which make the units work better and last longer. Our Shark is made of 1100 denier PVC (construction and material like Zodiac boats). Features on the units include: seat and foot reinforcement pads; in line and side by side units can be pulled from either direction (not Shuttle); mostly seamless construction (or hidden seams); padded handles, etc. Our newest addition, the “Shuttle” is a 10 or 12 seater that is a combo riverboat/watersled design in the front and side by side in the back. We created this style for stability so parasail operators running off of “no propeller” beaches can pick up many passengers, even in large surf. It is also popular in any commercial watersports use as well. In commercial parasailing, this unit is towed by a Wave Runner to the beach and parasail passengers board. They are then transported to the parasail boat offshore. This way the passengers get two rides for the price of one and it is a cheap way to exchange a lot of people without having to go into the dock area. This also saves gas and time. This model is also very stable and popular with camps, banana boat operators and individuals.