Custom Sewing


Under the ZipTight™ name we offer custom sewing, custom design and manufacturing. We specialize in the design and manufacturing of commercial sewing and industrial sewing needs such as you desire in a safety harness, lockable fabric security covers for shopping centers, malls, cart and kiosk manufacturers, retail stores and outlets, airports, automotive companies; anywhere that has an RMU, Kiosk, concession, or any type of display that need to be secured, we can custom design a ZipTight™ security cover to fit your industrial sewing or commercial sewing needs.

We offer unique repair service. If we can get a needle through it, we can usually sew it and repair it with the same or nearly similar materials.

Through the ZipTight name we also manufacture awnings and offer a patent pending array of locking covers for industrial and leisure applications for storage, warehouse and automotive aftermarket areas. These can also be custom designed with special colors or logos. Turnaround is schedule according to workload, but rush orders are also accepted. Please call for more detail or visit the ZipTight website at

Custom Covers

With custom made security covers you have options like locks, colors and many other features to personalize to your needs. They are strong and durable, we have over 20 years experience hand crafting these. Quick turn around time, original OEM manufacturer, and we offer wholesale pricing. We also do fast repairs, usually same day!

Other Custom Sewing

Have a project idea you want to talk to us about? Run it by us! There's a good chance we can help with any projects you have.